Creating The Ultimate Home Gym

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Tips on building your goal-smashing room

In recent times, demand for home gyms has surged. As the pandemic temporarily shut down gyms, the home gym flourished, and for good reason; your own home gym really is an exciting venture! You’re in charge; so you can build it entirely around your personal fitness goals. We've written a guide to help Australians with insights, tips for planning a home gym, and a step-by-step approach to building the ultimate workout space.

Assess Your Space

Maximise Every Corner

First things first - where’s your gym going to be? 

You’ll be looking at space you have or can spare. The garage is hands down the most common home gym location, followed by the extra room you don't use, the designated corner of a larger one, backyard, and the car port - all typically have the space you need. Here's a few pointers that we recommend not forgetting. 

💡Expert Tip #1: Always consider the height of your ceiling

How much vertical space do you need? Avoid investing in beautiful new home gym equipment, only to realise the only area that can hold it is the driveway. 

💡Expert Tip #2: Look for a well ventilated area

Though that spare bedroom has all the space you need for your gym, you won’t enjoy it if there's poor ventilation. Making sure your home gym features a window, fan, air conditioning unit will stop your workout space from getting stuffy quickly. 

💡Expert Tip #3: Do you have the right floor?

Start by visualising your space and taking note of odd corners, alcoves, or underutilised areas that can be transformed into workout zones. Look into wall-mounted shelves for equipment storage to make the most of vertical space. 

Budget Wisely

Remember - Quality Over Quantity

Setting a budget is crucial, but it's equally essential to allocate funds wisely. 

💡Expert Tip #1: If you invest in low quality equipment, you’ll get a low quality result. Don’t skimp out where it counts. 

💡Expert Tip #2: Prioritise equipment you will use for the majority of your training, not the equipment you use occasionally.

💡Expert Tip #3: Opt for non-slip surfaces to protect your new equipment. The last thing you want is having to replace what you’ve just bought because of an accident. 

If you’re looking for a high quality surface for your home setup, see our gym flooring options.

Think About Your Fitness Goals

Before you go spending, think about your goal first. Do you want to get stronger? Leaner? Fitter? Depending on your answer, your shopping list will look different. 

Saving space 

Think outside the traditional gym equipment box. Consider space-saving options like resistance bands with varying resistances for a full-body workout. Invest in a functional trainer or cable machine that can replace multiple bulky single movement machines, allowing for various exercises.


For cardio, think beyond the treadmill. Opt for a compact, foldable elliptical or a jump rope for an effective cardiovascular workout. These alternatives not only save space but also add variety to your routine.

A strong choice 

Design your strength training area with balance in mind. Integrate stability balls, kettlebells, and medicine balls for functional workouts that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This enhances your strength and keeps your routine fresh and exciting.

Make it look good 

Because aesthetics play a role, too. 

Making your gym look and feel good plays a role in your intrinsic drive to use it. One of the quickest ways to spruce your gym up is installing mirrors to ‘create’ a larger space, and allows you to monitor form. Don't forget all the killer selfies. 

Maintenance matters 

Your own gym won’t be as thoroughly used as equipment in commercial gyms, but this doesn’t mean its set-and-forget. Regularly inspect your equipment to make sure it lasts as long it can. Any moving parts sounding squeaky? They might need lubrication. Fittings feeling loose? It may be time to tighten up loose screws. Regular maintenance helps prevent accidents and saves on additional costs. 

Now, enough talk.

Time to get crafting

In today's fast-paced world, we all need a space to get away from the day to day. A home gym is not just about convenience, personalisation, and cost perks. It’s a means of catharsis.

Taking the first step is the hardest, but worth it. 

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